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At Amon Construction, we seek to help our customers develop a working knowledge of their project. Because many home owners are unfamiliar with marine construction and the process of house raising, we do our best to prepare them for what is to come. In some cases, customers may not think of all the questions they might want to ask. Hopefully our FAQ’s will provide some insight into the process, and answer questions or concerns that were not initially considered.

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Amon Construction, LLC, services Coastal New Jersey, from Long Beach Island to Ocean City.  For your protection, Amon Construction is fully insured, carrying liability and worker's compensation insurances.

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    Why should I choose Amon Construction?
    A) Amon Construction is committed to providing an exceptional experience to each and every one of our customers. We are also committed to performing the highest quality of work in a timely, professional, and courteous manner.

    Are you a registered contractor and house raiser in the state of New Jersey?
    A) Yes, we are registered and up to date on our credentials. We are an RREM Approved Builder

    Do you provide complimentary estimates?
    A) Yes. All our estimates are complimentary. Depending on the situation, estimates are usually provided within 2-3 business days.

    How do I go about obtaining an estimate for any of your services?
    A) The best way to inquire about an estimate is to call our office or request an estimate via website. We prefer to speak to each of you so calling is always the best.

    Do you work throughout the year?
    A) While understanding the need for our customers we offer all our marine construction, pile driving and house raising services all year long.

    Do I need a General Contractor in order to utilize your services?
    A) Although not required, we do recommend obtaining a GC for a large project such as a house raise. The house raising process can often become an enormous undertaking that requires a lot of time patience. We are more than happy to recommend some highly trusted contractors in the area.

    How do I know if my house should be raised?
    A) In most cases, your flood insurance company, FEMA or town will provide a directives on whether or not you are required to raise your house. If you have flood insurance yet do not raise your house then your premiums could increase drastically.

    How long does a house raise usually take?
    A) We set time line objectives for every project we do. Time lines will vary depending on the scope of work, work site conditions, weather, number of contractors involved etc. Please feel free to contact us regarding an estimated time line for your house raise project.

    Do I have to remove everything from inside when you raise a house?
    A) The answer to the question depends on whether your house is on a slab or a crawl space. For any additional information pertaining to specific circumstance it will be best to address your questions directly. Please feel free to contact our office.

    Can I install house pilings without a plan from a licensed engineer?
    A) No. Piling plans are required for every step of the process from obtaining permits to final piling inspections. We would be more than happy to point you in the right direction of some highly reputable engineers in our area.

    How long does piling installation normally take?
    A) We utilize a state of the art vibratory tamper system that allows us to have most piling projects installed within a day.

    Who is responsible for generating a piling certification once our piling job is completed?
    A) We are responsible for having the pilings certified. Our engineer observers and piling crew document all essential aspects of the process on a field log.

    Why do I need piling certifications?
    A) Piling certifications are an engineering approval which specifies that the project was done in accordance to your plans. Additionally, piling certifications are required by the town for your final piling inspections.

    Can you perform any of your services without a permit?
    A) Permits are required for most services we provide. We are more than willing to assist you in the permitting process for your specific project?

    Do you perform bulkhead and dock repairs?
    A) Yes. Please contact us about our service areas.

    Am I responsible for prepping the area by my bulkhead prior to you performing a bulkhead replacement?
    A) Yes. It’s very important to have all personal property, pavers, flower pots etc. within 15’ removed. It’s also a good idea to have any stones raked back 15’ away from the bulkhead prior to us starting the project.