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House Raising

As we all know, severe flooding during Super Storm Sandy directly impacted all of us in New Jersey. Many of our homes were badly damaged, or even destroyed, during this heartbreaking event. As a result of the massive amount of property damage, organizations such as FEMA, RREM, ICC etc. set forth mitigation initiatives that will assist you in preventing future property damage caused by floods. One of these initiatives includes increasing the elevation of your home through house raising.

While these initiatives tell homeowners what they must do in order to avoid the effects of catastrophic flooding in the future, they cannot tell you which company to trust with such an important project. Many companies promote themselves as “experts”, but how can you be sure they even have minimally adequate experience to raise your house?

The good news is that family-owned and locally operated Amon Construction, LLC, is right in your own backyard. Amon Construction has raised hundreds of homes during 50 continuous years of business along the Jersey Shore, yet we treat each and every home as if it’s our own.

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Permit Acquisition
In effort to comply with town and state code, you may be required to obtain a permit. We are here to assist you with any paperwork, or advise you as you may need in the permitting process. Please click here to go to our CONTACT page to make that request.

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